Trên thế giới có muôn vàn tuyệt tác của tạo hóa mà nhiều người chưa từng được đặt chân tới khám phá. Và nếu có cơ hội, bạn hãy ghé thăm 35 địa điểm tuyệt diệu dưới đây:

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19. Petra, Jordan

18. Cầu treo Capilano, Vancouver

Classic Vancouver weather. ?☔️ (?: @thewitkamps) #curiocityvan

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17. Lâu đài Eilean Donan, Anh quốc

16. Công viên Château de Marqueyssac, Pháp

15. Hang động băng giá Vatnajokull, Iceland

14. Cappadocia, Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

13. Ruộng bậc thang, Việt Nam

Photo by @cumacevikphoto In the live broadcast I made today, there were people whom asking "Why Vietnam?" There was no idea other than what I saw in American war movies about Vietnam. It was a country that seemed very mysterious to me. A few years ago I saw photos of rice terraces in Vietnam in a photo sharing site. Since that day, I have done more research about this country and to go there. After I have done a tight plan, I finally came and saw it. I can call it a very strange and beautiful country. I took this picture on the terraces on the upper side of Mu Cang Chai, during the sunrise. I think this is the most beautiful place in Vietnam among all the places I've seen so far. Photo by @cumacevikphoto #MuCangChai #Vietnam

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12. Sông băng Perito Moreno, Argentina

GLACIAR PERITO MORENO ✓ Deslumbrante glaciar en el Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, en Santa Cruz. ✓Sobre el Canal de los Témpanos navegan pedezos que van cayendo del glaciar simulando el sonido de un trueno. ✓ A 65 km de Calafate. ✓El glaciar presencia un increíble fenómeno. Surge la masa de hielo y avanza acumulándose los bloques de hielo. Al avanzar, tapa el Brazo Rico y crece el nivel del Lago Argentino. Se produce tanta presión por el agua que se producen filtraciones y fracturas, rompiéndose así cada 4 años. #travel #wanderlust #serendipity #viajar #travelblog #viaje #journey #trip #blogdeviaje #mundo #world #santacruz #santacruzserendipity #argentina #argentinaserendipity #patagoniaargentina #patagonia #patagoniaargentinaserendipity #surargentino #surargentinoserendipity #calafate #calafateserendipity #glaciarperitomoreno #glaciarperitomorenoserendipity #santacruz #santacruzserendipity Fotos: @textbooktravel , @cascadaexpediciones , @cristianeolivera en pinterest #patagoniaserendipity

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11. Prague, Cộng hòa Séc

10. Quần đảo Lofoten, Na Uy

I must admit that this is by far the coolest place I've spent the night…

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9. Chefchaouen, Morocco

8. Hẻm núi lớn Grand Canyon, Mỹ

7. Thành phố dưới nước ở Sư Thành, Trung Quốc

6. Động Ellora, Ấn Độ

Kailasa Temple, Ellora Caves, India. What a Magnificent Single Hill Rock Cut Mega Structure is this! It is chiselled Top-down & Outside-in, during 756 AD. How could they have possibly built it!! They have done it using only hammers & chisels! It is said that it must have been built by Aliens. Because even with today's technology, one has estimated that it takes centuries to build with all huge machinery. A must visit for all. Nearest Airport, Aurangabad India & Pune India. There are several such caves structures, Grishneshwar Jyothirling Shiv Temple & Ajanta Caves (Ancient Cave Paintings dating 200 BC). #travel #passportfullofmemories #beautiful #hillstructure #ancientaliens #ancientcity #caves #elloracaves #kailasatemple #aurangabad #wonderoftheworld #india #monolithicstonestructure #ajantacaves #cavepaintings #shivtemple #ajantacaves #ancientpaintings #cavepaintings #caves

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5. Mont Saint-Michel, Pháp

Beauty reflected ?? (?: @ilhan1077)

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4. Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

3. Khách sạn kỳ diệu ở Thụy Sĩ

2. Ngôi làng Huacachina Oasis ở Peru

1. Hồ nước hồng Hillier, Australia

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